XHTML Summary

XHTML Summary

By this tutorial we have learnt to create clean and stricter HTMl pages
In this tutorial we have learnt that all XHTML elements must be properly nested, XHTML documents must be well-formed, all the tag names should be in written in lowercase, and that all XHTML elements must be closed.

We have also learnt that,As in HTML html,head,title,and body elements should be present in XHTML.And a DOCUMENT decleration must be made.

What is an XHTML File?

  • XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language
  • XHTML is similar to HTML,The only difference is XHTML is stricter and cleaner version of HTML
  • An XHTML file contains small mark up tags
  • The way how the page must be displayed in the browser is described by these markup tags
  • An XHTML file must have an .xhtml file extension
  • Using any simple text editor XHTML file can be created

The Most Important Differences:

  • Tag and attribute names must be written in lower-case
  • Elements must be nested properly, no overlapping
  • Non-empty elements must be closed
  • Empty elements must be terminated
  • All attribute values must be quoted
  • Attribute value cannot be shortened
  • <script> and <style> elements

Standard Attributes

  • At the opening of the element tag only the attribute must be specified. closing tag of an element merely contains a back slash and tag name
  • All attribute names must be in lower case.
  • All attributes must have a value.
  • All attribute should hold a values and always be double quotes. Here double quote and two single quotes areĀ not the same.
  • All attributes must be placed in a list seperated by blank space and no other characters must be included between them


  • XHTML tags are used to mark-up XHTML elements
  • Tags in XHTML are always surrounded by characters < and >
  • These characters are called angel brackets
  • All tags in XHTML come in pairs for example <b> and </b>
  • In these pair of tags,the first tag is the start tag,and the second tag is called end tag
  • The text that lies between the start tag and the end tag is called the element content
  • XHTML tags are case sensitive,