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Write for UsPaktutorial strives to be at the forefront of new ideas, emerging challenges, and cutting-edge technology on the Web. We are always looking for writers to bring these messages to the web development community.

If you’ve got an idea for an article we’d love to hear from you!. There’s no better way to get your name out there, build your freelance business, help your fellow developer, and become recognized in the web community than by writing for us.

Article submissions should contain practical information for web designers or developers, clearly explained, ready to be implemented on their websites. The information should be current and timely, and presented in a friendly and helpful tone. Articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words in length, and should be submitted in plain text, Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice Document format.

If you have any questions about contributing content to Paktutorial, email the editor.

If you’re able to write an article about any of the following topics, we’d love to hear from you!

Client-side Topics

  • CSS frameworks (CSS-based, or CSS-generating)
  • modern CSS techniques & practices
  • CSS3
  • CSS/HTML/JavaScript for mobile devices (especially iPhone).

Server-side Topics

  • PHP frameworks ( Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, symfony, …)
  • content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, …)
  • ecommerce frameworks (Magento, Oscommerce, Open cart…)
  • identity (OAuth, Facebook connect, OpenID, Twitter, …)
  • web hosting (configuration, tools, reselling, …)

Web Design Topics

  • Photoshop tips
  • web design trends
  • practical web design tutorials
  • web fonts and typography
  • design tips for developers
  • shopping cart options
  • managing transactions
  • website/retail integration

Article ideas and submissions should be sent to the Editor.