Face.com Is Definitely Being Acquired By Facebook

Face.com is helping people find photos, using our home grown best-in-breed facial recognition technologies. The first deployment of our tech is our Photo Finder application for Facebook, today’s largest photo sharing site, which scans public photos in your social network and suggests tags for untagged faces. face.com has offices in Tel Aviv and New York.

The purchase of Face.com by Facebook is happening and is a done deal, say multiple sources.

To review: the facts on the ground to date are:

• Israeli business publication Calcalist first reported (in Hebrew) that Facebook was looking to purchase Face.com.

• The deal size has been put at $80 million and $100 million. We’re calling it at $100m.

• Face.com’s technology is a natural acquisition target for Facebook. Photos are core to Facebook’s lock-in strategy and facial recognition allows tags to better reflect the social graph, which then feeds into making its advertising platform more efficient.

• There is evidence the two companies have been talking for some time (after all, Face.com appeared in 2007) but a price was never agreed until now. A post-IPO Facebook can now afford it.

• Face.com’s popular Facebook application Photo Tagger allows people to scan their (or their friends’) photo albums for known faces. It also has the iOS facial recognition app KLIK and a public API that could benefit Facebook.

• Facebook’s own camera app could integrate the Face.com API.

• Face.com has so far raised $5.3 million from Yandex and Rhodium

Microsoft merge facebook with search to “New Bing” in All of U.S.

Bing revealed its big redesign, which put a heavy emphasis on social search. Microsoft announced the new version of Bing.com is now available to all U.S. users. The new search interface opts for cleaner search results, a three-column design, and deeper Facebook integration.

The move to the pared down search experience and social sidebar you’ll find on the new bing is Microsoft’s response to Google’s attempt at merging its own social network, Google+, with its search results. On Google, pages your friends have shared on Google+ or have +1′ed (Google’s alternative to the Facebook “like”) appear at or near the top of search results. Microsoft instead, claims that moving social off to the side lets its own social results “complement the standard search results without compromising them.”  It’s a message buried amid a ton of happy noise in Microsoft’s blog post about new Bing’s official U.S. debut, but it’s a real zinger. Microsoft is essentially saying that Google’s move to infuse its search results with Google+ has damaged their quality.


Microsoft, of course, is an investor in Facebook and powers the web search and maps on Facebook’s social network. Although Google remains the top search engine by a wide margin, getting people to “switch” their affiliation may eventually end up happening not by consumer choice, but by default. As more people use Facebook to search the wider web, more will use Bing.

Prepare page for facebook timeline

Facebook Recently announced that Facebook Pages will be upgraded to include the “Timeline” feature on March 31 2012. When this occurs, Facebook pages will have a very similar appearance to Personal Profile Pages. Facebook page owners can opt to upgrade their pages immediately or wait until 30 March 2012 when all Facebook pages (ready or not) will be automatically converted to the new format.Check out my Facebook page below is the screenshot.
facebook timeline for pages
As marketers and business owners – here’s several key issues to look our for to get your page ready for this change.

Importance of the Cover Photo

You need to create a Cover Photo for your facebook page.

This is a 851 pixel wide and 315 pixel height image is your only chance to make a strong impact to visitors of your page. However, there are some serious restrictions on what you can place in this area. Here’s the official requirements from Facebook:

Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not contain:
Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About section
References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

My recommendation is to place an attractive image that represents your business and add a subtle quote or slogan about what you or your business does.
Highlighting Items on the Timeline.
Without landing pages and prominent links to custom tabs, the choice of communicating important messages is left to the Timeline. There are 3 ways to make important content stand out.

First, you can choose the “Highlight” feature for your post. This makes your post take up the full width of the Timeline. However, as new posts are added by you or your fans, the content will move down the Timeline over time and get hidden.

highlight_facebook page story.

Pin to Top on Facebook page Timeline

You can click the “Edit” button for the post and then select the “Pin to Top” option. This moves that particular post right up to the top of the Timeline (just below the information box). It also flags the content with an orange bookmark icon on the top right of the post. However, this post will only take up either the left or right side of the Timeline even if you had previously chosen to “highlight” this post.

You can only have 1 pinned post at a time. Also, the pinned post will only stay up for a maximum of 7 days.

Milestone on Facebook page timeline

One of the feature which i like is that you can specify a date for the event, a title and a description. Additionally, the post is permanently features in full width and allows you to add a prominent image. This is great for if you want to outline an illustrious history of your company or brand as i have done on my facebook page. when I Started my Website.

milestone in facebook pages

New Admin Panel – Interact with Fans and Access Insights

The new admin panel places all the interactive elements of your page in one convenient place. You can see the latest activities in the Notifications panel and you can also see the latest fans who liked your page.

admin panel of facebook timeline page

You can access the Insights section to get very detailed demographic information about the people who like your page.

Hopefully this would be helpful for any facebook page administrator. Just waiting for your excellent comments.

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook recently announced that Facebook Pages will be upgraded to include the “Timeline” feature. When this occurs, Facebook pages will have a very similar appearance to Personal Profile Pages.

How to Activate Facebook timeline for Page:

At this present time, Facebook page owners can opt to upgrade their pages immediately or wait until 30 March 2012 when all Facebook pages (ready or not) will be automatically converted to the new format.

On March 30, 2012, Facebook plans to convert all Pages to the new design. Once you click on the Preview page, Admins can visualize how their Facebook pages Timeline will look like. You can start by uploading the correct Facebook cover photo size and then go on hide, highlight and fix content for public view.

When you are ready, click the publish button. Remember, you can preview and fix your Facebook pages timeline without publishing. Once done, the process is not reversible and you cannot go back to your old Facebook pages profile.


So since Pakutorial has publish its Facebook page timeline, you can check our new Facebook Page with Timeline right now at facebook.com/paktutorial. Check it out. While you are around there, remember to ‘Like” the page, and our latest tips will appear in your news feed, a great way to participate with a great tech and webmaster community.



How to Hide Your Friends list on Facebook

Since May 2010 Facebook offers again the possibility to stop showing them on your Profile or Timeline. This guide will show you how to hide them both in the old Profile and in the new Timeline.

How to do it in the old Profile

Once you have logged in to Facebook, on the top right hand corner of the page, click on your name or small profile picture and then on the “Edit Profile” button that will appear right below.

Once you have done this, in the left sidebar, click on the option that says “Friends and Family.”

Now, at the right extreme of the Friends section, located near the bottom center of the screen, click on the audience icon, the one indicated in the next image, and in the appearing menu select the option “Only Me.”

Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button, located near the bottom of the screen.

Keep in mind that, although your list of friends will not appear on your Profile, there are still other ways in which people may see it. This is because in December 2009 Facebook declared that all users’ lists of friends are public information.

How to do it in the new Timeline Profile

Once you have logged in to Facebook, on the top right hand corner of the page, click on your name or small profile picture.

Then, click on the Friends box that is among the boxes that are right under your name and big cover picture.

Once you have done that, click on the “Edit” button near the top right hand corner of the page, then click on the audience icon, and finally, in the appearing menu, on the “Only Me” option. The three things that you have to click are pointed in the next image:

This way people that see your Friends box on your Timeline will only see in it their mutual friends among you and them. Mutual friends with the viewer cannot be hidden.

Also keep in mind that, although your list of friends will not appear on your Timeline, there are still other ways in which people may see it. This is because in December 2009 Facebook declared that all users’ lists of friends are public information.

Download Photos from Facebook

Facebook is one of the top photo sharing social networking sites on the web. Incase you want to backup all your photos or you have lost some of them. The below tools will help you to download your uploaded photos. Below are the 3 tools to download your photos from facebook


This handy little desktop application is easy to use for either your own photos, or tagged photos in friend’s albums. All you have to do is download the program, start it up on your desktop and give it access to your Facebook account. This is done through the same kind of sign in authentication you get when you post under a social networking account on a third party site.

Once you have it up and connected to your account, you can select what photos you want and of who. For example, you can choose to download all tagged photos from an entire album, including comments, and then say who of. It should give an entire list of your friends to scroll through.

Pick & Zip

A bit of a larger program, this interesting app lets you download it onto your desktop and then access it like any other piece of software. It connects to your Facebook account through a direct sign in similar to the one used by PhotoGrabber. It also has many of the same features as that program, such as being able to download other people’s albums.

However, there is a ‘Find My Photos’ button that makes it easier to seek out your own tags. It will also go through community and fan pages to look for anything that has you tagged in it. You can even customize your selection more fully, and then download that rather than the whole lot. Which can make it a space and time saver.

Link for Download

Download Your Facebook Pictures with Pick&Zip


This is a great add-on for Firefox that is still technically in the experimental phase, but still rather good. It works by allowing you to right-click on an album and select to download it through the add-on. It almost always works, and is a fast download system that takes no room on your desktop and can be easily removed if you decide you no longer need it.

There are a couple of issues with it. One is that it has trouble with certain language characters, such as Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Hopefully, this will be fixed in an update. There are also occasionally problems with downloading extremely large albums, but this is rare.

Create Facebook Timeline Movie with Timeline Movie Maker

Create Facebook Timeline movies now using the Facebook Timeline Movie Maker – an official Facebook app which will extract photos and news feeds and create an amazing Facebook Timeline movie to share with your friends. Its now easier than ever to create your Facebook Timeline video.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker

First you need to activate Facebook Timeline, which is already rolling out to all Facebook users (and choose correct Facebook Cover Photos sizes.  Once you get started with Facebook timeline, then you will understand the new layout and features well.

The concept is interesting and since this app is official, you can grant access with more confidence. Once you click “Make Movie”, a popup alert asks for app access permissions, and then access to news feeds, and when you are done, it will create an amazing Timeline movie custom made for your Facebook account.

Unfortunately could not complete my Timeline movie as it requires at least 75 photos!

But here is a Sample video of how your Facebook Timeline video could turn out like

How to Disable Facebook Timeline

How to Disable Facebook Timeline before 7 days of publishing

Facebook is simply the ruler of the social networking world and the reason is its awesome features with a user friendly interface. The concept of wall as a profile is highly appreciated by the users and Facebook is having more than 800 million users and half of them log in to their accounts almost daily.

Recently facebook has came up with a brand new concept of facebook profile named as Tmeline instead of wall. Timeline basically is a two columned interface having a big cover photo at the top. It helps other people now about your life like a story book. It have been launched on 22 december 2011.

Many of the users followed activate timeline facebook tutorial and after getting their profile as a timeline realize that the previous interface was much good than this ticker and advertised thing.

So there is a way by which you can disable yourself as a Facebook developer and get back to the previous profile. Follow the simple steps and disable your profile.

1) Open the URL https://developers.facebook.com/apps and then click on the Edit App.

2) look on the left side of the side bar it will have a link which will say “Delete App”. Click on that.

3) Then click on confirm.

4) It will delete your application and then you have to click Okay on the confirmationmessage that appears on your screen.

Now you are not Facebook developer anymore and this takes you to the basic wallprofile of Facebook. Did this tutorial help you? Write us your reviews about the guide and share your thoughts and stories. Stay tuned with us.

Note: This procedure is only applicable to those users who enabled the facebook timeline before it was publicly released or have not yet published the timeline. After it’s Publish there is no way to disable or revert back to old facebook interface.

How to enable facebook timeline

Facebook Timeline is now available worldwide and you can activate Facebook Timeline for your Facebook profile right now. Timeline is a long awaited feature of Facebook page design which aims to completely revamp the way Facebook navigation works right now.

Activate Facebook Timeline

To Get Facebook Timeline right now, follow the steps –

1. Go to  Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline” at bottom of the page. (If you prefer to wait, a profile alert will appear as the feature rolls out on your profile).

get facebook timeline

Note: If you click that link once, it might not reappear again. So click the link when you are ready to get Facebook Timeline. if you dont see the link on that page, there is another similar link on the Timeline Apps page.

2. Then you are taken to your preview Timeline page.

facebook timeline

3.  At the top right are options appear to Take a Tour or Publish your Timeline.

timeline tour

4. Clicking on Public will make your Timeline live right now. Its a good idea to take a Timeline Tour.

facebook timeline tours

7  Day Timeline Preview

Here are a few facts before you decide to publish your timeline and make it public and live on the internet to your friends.

  • When you upgrade to timeline, you have only 7 days to review it
  • Only you can see your timeline during your 7-day preview.
  • You can publish your timeline anytime during those 7 days.
  • If you don’t publish timeline in 7 days, it will go live automatically after seven days.
  • Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.
  • You cannot revert back your facebook timeline if 7 days of trial review is over.