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CSS Thinks to avoid

Here are some technologies you should try to avoid when using CSS. Internet Explorer Behaviors What is it? Internet Explorer 5 introduced behaviors. Behaviors are a way to add behaviors to HTML elements with the use of CSS styles. Why avoid it? The behavior attribute is only supported by Internet Explorer. What to use instead? […]

Dhtml Blink Text

DHTML Blink Text <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”> function blinking_header() { if (!document.getElementById(‘blink’).style.color) { document.getElementById(‘blink’).style.color=”red”; } if (document.getElementById(‘blink’).style.color==”red”) { document.getElementById(‘blink’).style.color=”black”; } else { document.getElementById(‘blink’).style.color=”red”; } timer=setTimeout(“blinking_header()”,100); } function stoptimer() { clearTimeout(timer); } </script> </head> <body onload=”blinking_header()” onunload=”stoptimer()”> <h1 id=”blink”>Blinking header</h1> </body> </html> View Output


CSS is used to style HTML elements such as layering and positioning the content wheather u have to learn another language? DHTML is NOT a scripting language like Javascript, but simply a browser feature, or enhancement,that gives your browser the ability to be dynamic. What really want to learn is not DHTML itself but rather, […]