Peachtree Tutorial Introduction

Introduction to Peachtree

To get the most from this Tutorial
• Read each section carefully, opening the windows and screens in Peachtree and studying them yourself. Use the online Help in the program for supplemental information on various fields and functions. You can use one of the sample companies provided in Peachtree for viewing windows and screens. Sample Companies can be opened by starting Peachtree, then selecting Explore a sample company, then selecting the company you want to open. Or you can select Close Company from the File menu and then choose Explore a sample company.
Like many programs, the features of Peachtree can be accessed using a mouse or the keyboard. The mouse can be used to access menus, navigation aids, and all other operations that require you to point and click. To use the mouse, place the mouse pointer over the option you want to access and click the left mouse button to select it. In some areas of Peachtree, additional options are available by clicking the right mouse button. Another way to access menus and menu functions is to use keyboard shortcut keys. A complete list of shortcut keys can be found in the online Help for Peachtree. On each window in Peachtree, you will see underlined letters in field names. To access a field using a shortcut key, press and hold the ALT key, then press the key for the underlined letter. For example, in the General Journal Entry window, the D in the field name Date is underlined. To move to the Date field, press and hold the ALT key, then press the D key. This shortcut can also be represented by the abbreviation ALT+D.
Accessing online Help is easy in Peachtree. You can access Help by clicking the Help button, pressing F1, or using the Help menu.
Once Peachtree is installed, you can start the program in one of two ways:
• Double-click the Peachtree icon
• Use the Start menu

When you first start Peachtree, the Start Screen opens.

The options available on the Start Screen include:
– Open an existing company.
– Create a new company.
– Explore a sample company.
– Convert from another accounting application.
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