Maintain Vendors


After entering the vendor default information, the next step is to enter each vendor. As you add vendors, you can use the default information that was entered or change the information for specific vendors. To add or edit vendors, select Maintain, Vendors.

Maintain Vendors Window

The Maintain Vendors window is used to enter, change, and store information about the people and companies from whom you purchase products and services. Each tab is described below:


• Vendor ID: Identifies the vendors in lookup lists, transactions, and reports. Once an ID is saved, you can click Change ID to make changes. This field can be used to select or sort vendors for payment and report processing. Using the first few characters of this field, you can create groups of vendors by using the same characters. In the following example, 01 is used to designate office supply vendors; 02, vendors from whom inventory is purchased, and 03, utility vendors.

Vendor ID



Vendor Name


01compus Comp USA 
01office Office Depot 
02barnes Barnes & Noble 
03south Bell South 
03gapower Georgia Power 

• Name: Enter the name as it should appear on transactions and reports.


Enter information specific to each vendor–such as the vendor’s name, address, 1099 information, and telephone numbers–on the General tab. Fields of interest are described below:

• Account #: Enter the account number that this vendor has assigned to your company. This information will be entered automatically in the Memo field on payments.

• Vendor Type: This case-sensitive field can be used to filter records for reporting purposes. It will keep track of all values used by the system for this field, so you can select from a drop-down list in addition to simply typing in the value you want.

• 1099 Type: If you will be printing a 1099 form at the end of the calendar year for this vendor, select one of the available 1099 types.

• Current Balance: If the record has a current balance, the amount will display here. To see the list of individual invoices that make up the balance, click the balance amount link.


Use the Addresses tab to keep track of remit to addresses for this vendor. You can also select addresses to use as defaults for Payments, Purchase Orders, and Shipments.


Select the History tab to view purchases, payments, and last payment information. You can also enter beginning balances here.