Top 5 Android Apps for College Students

College students are always looking for ways to make college life easier and fun. These Android apps do that and much more.

Voice Recording

College student often write dozens of notes each day relating to lectures, or personal reminders such as an important customer service number for a campus department or phone number of a classmate or potential date. The Voice Recorder app by Mamoru Tokashiki allows students to effortlessly record lectures and other notes and store recording by date and time for future reference. It also allows users to share recording via Gmail.


College students constantly create, edit and share documents such as study notes, papers, presentations and spreadsheets. Google’s Google Docs app provides all of the tools a student needs to quickly work while on the move including share and update documents in real-time with a group without meeting in person. If a student needs to quickly copy a printed list of important phone numbers or any other text, he can photograph it and the app will convert the text to a Google document.

Flashcard Study

Students use a wide variety of study tools in college. Flashcards are handy for quick memorization and testing of knowledge, but they often take up space and get disorganized. A favorite study app is the StudyDroid Flashcards app that allows students to create, study and store their flashcards anytime anywhere. The app also allows students to see and use flashcards created by others, and share their cards, by category for a wide variety of study topics.

Books and Textbooks

Reading materials required for college courses can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both created e-book apps for Kindle and NOOK for Android that provide college students with access to thousands of books and textbooks. Some books with expired copyrights are available for free and others are available for purchase for more than half the cover price a student might pay elsewhere.


College is often the first time that many students are faced with managing personal finances. The Personal Finance app can help any student track, manage and budget money in one place. Whether a student needs to determine if he has enough for college textbooks, or is worried about his cash spending, this app will help him to understand how much money he has, where he’s spending it and how he can save.

Written By Daniel @thetechlegend