Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia launches 808 PureView with 41Mega Pixel camera

Nokia launches 808 PureView with 41Mega Pixel camera

The Nokia PureView Pro imaging technology is the combination of a large, super high resolution 41Mpix with high performance Carl Zeiss optics. The large sensor enables pixel oversampling, which will be explained in detail in this paper but in a nutshell it means the combination of many pixels into one perfect pixel. PureView imaging technology is the result of many years of research and development and the tangible fruits of this work are amazing image quality, lossless zoom,  and superior low light performance.Nokia 808 PureView

Purity of detail.
Even digital SLR images have a certain softness. With oversampling, however, images can be noise free, yet incredibly detailed and defined. Zoom into the 5Mpix images at 100% magnification on your PC screen, and you’ll see. There’s something beautifully pure about the detail — not enhanced in anyway. Look closely at some grass… it’s amazing.
Faster shutter speeds.
With the Nokia 808 PureView, you get effective maximum aperture throughout the zoom range. Whereas with optical zoom, less light tends to reach the sensor as the zoom increases. At maximum zoom, 5.4x more light reaches the Nokia PureView Pro sensor than a broadly equivalent optical-zoom digital camera (f/5.6 as opposed to f/2.4). And this means you get the benefit of faster shutter speeds.

If you rarely print your images or don’t need them larger than A3 size, 5Mpix is more than enough. In fact, you can get superb poster prints as large as 50 x 75cm (the size limit of most commercial printers) from very good quality 3Mpix images. Of course, if your needs are different, there is a higher resolution 8Mpix setting and a ‘full resolution’ mode on the Nokia 808 PureView.

Improved video autofocus
Video autofocus was an area that needed to be dramatically improved. Because of Nokia 808 PureView’s much larger image sensor (5x larger than rival smartphones) the optics give you a relatively shallow depth of field. What’s more, we’re also using oversampling techniques in video to achieve our holy grail of low visual noise with extremely high levels of detail.

The technology:
PureView Pro imaging specifications
• 41Mpix sensor with pixel oversampling
• Lossless zoom: 3x for stills, 4x for full HD 1080p video
• Carl Zeiss optics

The product:
Nokia 808 PureView lens and sensor specifications
• Carl Zeiss Optics
• Focal length: 8.02mm
• 35mm equivalent focal length: 26mm, 16:9 | 28mm, 4:3
• F-number: f/2.4
• Focus range: 15cm – Infinity (throughout the zoom range)
• Construction:
· 5 elements, 1 group.All lens surfaces are aspherical
· One high-index, low-dispersion glass mould lens
· Mechanical shutter with neutral density filter
• Optical format: 1/1.2”
• Total number of pixels: 7728 x 5368
• Pixel Size: 1.4 microns