Remove index.php from Magento URLs

Remove index.php from Magento URLs

You are using Magento and your store urls are looking this way,

So, you must be looking , how to remove that index.php from the middle, as thats not good for Search Engine Indexing at all. So, here is the trick.

1. Goto your site root folder and you can find the .htaccess file. Just edit that. Open it on a text editor and find this line,  #Rewrite Base /magento/ . Just replace it with Rewrite Base / .

2. Then goto your Admin Panel and enable the Web Server Rewrites. You can find it at System > Configuration > Web > Search Engine Optimization.

3. Then goto your Cache Management page ( System > Cache Management) and refresh your Cache and also refresh the Web Redirects.

Thats all. Test at Frontend now..