Install Magento on WAMP localhost

Magento is a award winning eCommerce Platform, which has got a lot of features and options. Well, if you would like to exmplore all that, then the best way to start is installing Magento on localhost ( WAMP or XAMPP).

Let me tell you that Magento is not easy to handle as it seems and its far complex than any other eCommerce platform or any existing CMS scripts. So, in order to install Magento on your localhost, you need to follow the following steps, in order to get a error free Magento test store.

So, here is the list,

1. Download Magento from [ Make sure, you are downloading the latest Stable Release].

2. After you have downloaded the Stable pack’s zip package, extract it to your PC’s local folder and move the whole magento folder into your /wamp/www/ . So,it should be accesible at http://localhost/magento/

3.  If you want to install Sample Data in your test magento store, then check this article and then follow the below steps.

4. Now enter http://localhost/magento/ on your browser and it will come up with a browser installation Step-by-Step Wizard.  Just proceed with it and make sure, you dont make any changes in that wizard options, if you are not sure, what you are doing.

5. The second step, where you enter the database details, will take a while, since that step stores the tables in the database. So, hold your fingers, till it shows the next step on your screen.

6. While installing Magento on localhost, you may get stuck at the Step 2 of the Installation screen, which doesn’t let you go further at all.

Its about the URL field, which keeps on giving this error, Please enter a valid URL. Protocol is required (http://, https:// or ftp://). check this aricle here.

7. Now, the next step will ask you to enter the admin details and you are done.

8. Test your new Magento store at your browser then.

Installing Magento on localhost, has a bug of not letting the admin to be logged onto the admin panel. So, if you want a fix to it, then check this article

Note For Xamp installation:

VERY IMPORTANT!! when using XAMPP and Magento on a locally-hosted development system, NEVER USE localhost ADDRESS IDENTIFIER!! you will have problems logging into admin if you use localhost…you MUST use “ as your base address when you initially install magento, so the default install path NEEDS
TO BE “” for the system to work….