How to install Sample Data in a Magento Site

How to install Sample Data in a Magento Site

If you are setting up a Magento store for your testing purpose or for any client, then its a must thing to Install Sample Data in your Magento store in order to test your settings or store.  It really doesnt matter,if you re a new user or a professional developer of Magento.

So, here are the steps to be taken, if you want to install Sample Data into your Magento Store;

1. Download the Stable Magento Release and the Sample Data Package from here.

2. Once Downloaded unpack your Sample Data package. You will get a SQL file and a “media” folder. Just copy that “media” folder into your magento installed folder . It will ask you for OVERWRITING. Just press YES and upload that folder.

4. Then goto your database via phpmyadmin and create a database with name Magento or what ever required.

5. Now click on IMPORT at your database and select that SQL file.

6. Once imported, you are done.

7. Since you have installed sample data, so follow this article to complete your installation.