Create a custom url redirect in Magento using URL Rewrite Management

To make Magento more SEO friendly, It needs to redirect to a custom url, By default Magento have this feature but if you have created any module whose url like Module name/id/3, then you needs to redirect it to a SEO friendly url. To redirect the url to a “301 Permanent redirect” you just log in to your admin panel, then go to -> Catalog -> URL Rewrite Management, from the drop down select Custom ,follow the below screenshot to make it more easy.

1) In the Id path give your current url (e.g: review/product/list/id/14/category/3)
2) In Request Path write same as Id path (e.g: review/product/list/id/14/category/3)
3) In Target Path give you custom URL with domain name (e.g:- Url Rewrite