Change Base URL in Magento Admin side

You can edit the BASE URL variable in Magento backend by going here,




Just replace the {{base_url}} in the first field to your domain name with a trailing slash at the end, so your entry should look like this,

Now, sometimes, it may happen that, your killed your whole website by entering a wrong URL in that field and then you are not able to access your frontend or backend. So, in that case, you have to do it from the Magento database.

Just goto your database via phpmyadmin and find this table :

Table: core_config_data
In this table you need to edit the field named value containing specific values in the field named path!
Precisely saying you need to search for web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url and replace them with new values.

Login to backend and clear Configuration cache!
This might be simply not possible and hence skip to next step!

Find All entries of old domain name in the cache folder and replace them one by one.
Magento retains all configuration cache in /var/cache folder.
This step is  good for Advanced Users who can do file search and replace such strings in one shot ;)
If you are migrating a very big site, then this step will be certainly worth.

Now it’s time to clear the cache! (Normal User)
As already specified in step2, we know that Magento retains all configuration cache in /var/cache folder.
You can clear the entire contents in this cache folder. Magento regenerates all these files when needed.

So, final step: View your new site in the browser.
It should now be working fine like the old one.