MIT launches Free online learning Courses

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a new program that will bring a free version of one of its classes online. The program is called MITx, and the first of its fully automated courses kicks off this fall with 6.002x Circuits and Electronics. In addition to no costs, there are no prerequisites, anyone anywhere can sign up, and will receive a certificate upon completion.

6.002x Related Curriculum

In December, MIT announced a new online learning initiative called “MITx”. Registration is now open for the pilot course, 6.002x Circuits and Electronics.

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If you are interested in taking 6.002x, you’ll find materials on the OCW site that can help you prepare. Prerequisite courses for 6.002 when taught on the MIT campus are 18.03 Differential Equations and either 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism or 6.01 Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I.

Listed below are links to OCW publications of materials from these courses, including links to our unique OCW Scholar versions of 18.03SC8.02SC and 6.01SC which are designed specifically for independent online study. You’ll also find links to materials from courses that build on the knowledge developed in 6.002 and provide opportunities for further study. Please note that no certificates or recognition of study are available for OCW or OCW Scholar courses.

Following Courses are offered.

Course # Course Title Term
6.01SC Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I Spring 2011
8.02SC Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism Fall 2010
18.03SC Differential Equations Fall 2011

For Further Study

Frequently asked questions about MITx are available here.