Tips to Disable Facebook Timeline.

Tips to disable Facebook Timeline

For some of you Facebook Timeline is too irritating. The timeline is too confusing and annoying you but the fact is that it cannot be reverted. As i have already mentioned HERE.

The Good news is that the Facebook timeline doesn’t works in Internet Explorer 7 and displays your facebook old profile. So i am sharing this video in which different addon are used to convert browser into IE 7. The Following Video works for windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is only compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Remove Facebook Timeline profile in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extension to Remove facebook Timeline

Remove Facebook Timeline profile in Mozilla Firefox

1. Install the User Agent Switcher extension on your Firefox browser from the link given below.

Install User Agent Switcher Firefox Extension

2. Restart your Firefox browser and click on the Switcher extension icon.

3. Now click on the Internet Explorer option and then select the Internet Explorer 7.

4. Visit your Facebook Timeline profile and refresh it to get back the old Facebook profile.