Facebook has imposed a new and stupid security measure. You facebook account will work fine if you are using from home at all time and never use it while they’re travelling or in any other places. But in case you by mistake you login from your mobile devices. The Security measure will first of all ask you for your mobile number and if you put your mobile number which is already used for facebook verification by any other user. Then that is you last day of facebook.

Now if you login will get below security message and ask you to identifying photos from a list of friends tagged photos. This is like a security “feature” that penalizes the person they are supposed to be protecting or just Facebook don’t want user to sign in again. for-security reason account is temporary locked
The Really irriating thing after you get the above message is that now you have to identify your friends photo and within 1 minute time that’s too hard for me atleast.  Because we usually don’t recognized which friend has uploaded or been tagged in the above photo. At last after visiting different friends profiles if you have recognized couple of them and skipped if you don’t know. Now you will get the below  message from facebook “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later“.

facebook-no verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.

Now what to do. you will receive this message again and again even if you try to login after a week. Can you see i have highlighted Help Yes Facebook Help. But that is for no use you can’t contact facebook by any means. Because there coders and programmers are useless and can’t implement a simple contact us form or a support ticket system.