Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook recently announced that Facebook Pages will be upgraded to include the “Timeline” feature. When this occurs, Facebook pages will have a very similar appearance to Personal Profile Pages.

How to Activate Facebook timeline for Page:

At this present time, Facebook page owners can opt to upgrade their pages immediately or wait until 30 March 2012 when all Facebook pages (ready or not) will be automatically converted to the new format.

On March 30, 2012, Facebook plans to convert all Pages to the new design. Once you click on the Preview page, Admins can visualize how their Facebook pages Timeline will look like. You can start by uploading the correct Facebook cover photo size and then go on hide, highlight and fix content for public view.

When you are ready, click the publish button. Remember, you can preview and fix your Facebook pages timeline without publishing. Once done, the process is not reversible and you cannot go back to your old Facebook pages profile.


So since Pakutorial has publish its Facebook page timeline, you can check our new Facebook Page with Timeline right now at facebook.com/paktutorial. Check it out. While you are around there, remember to ‘Like” the page, and our latest tips will appear in your news feed, a great way to participate with a great tech and webmaster community.