Upcoming English Horror movies 2012 – part 2


I love Edgar Allan Poe and I love John Cusack, so this one is definitely on my must-see list. Coming out January 5th 2012. A fictionalized account of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe’s life, in which the poet pursues a serial killer whose murders mirror those in the writer’s stories.


A direct sequel to the original 1974 film. I’m not getting my hopes up for this one, but will probably check it out anyway. Comes out October 5th 2012. Synopsis: A young woman travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-yielding killer is part of the reward.

The Possession

Originally titled Dibbuk Box. Another of those ‘based on true events’ horror films. Even though it’s all bullshit, it is actually a pretty interesting story and if you want to read about it you can do so right here. Release date is August 31st 2012.A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl’s father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.


Synopsis: A disturbed and delusional high school student with aspirations of a career in medicine goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother.


A slasher featuring a killer with one of the most fucked up masks I’ve seen. Looks like this one could be good fun. Expect to see it some time this year. Synopsis: After learning of an urban legend in which a demented serial killer named SMILEY can be summoned through the Internet, mentally fragile Ashley must decide whether she is losing her mind or becoming Smiley’s next victim.


A 3D remake of the Japanese horror from 2007. Mishca Barton and Rebecca De Mornay star. Coming out later this year. Synopsis: A modern ghost story which turns a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Some rentals are too good to be true.


Synopsis: An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a plane crash, has to run the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead. Joining forces with a local military man, desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos, they fight together to survive.


Synopsis: Sarah returns with her father and uncle to fix up the family’s longtime summerhouse after it was violated by squatters in the off-season. As they work in the dark, Sarah begins to hear sounds from within the walls of the boarded-up building. Although she barely remembers the place, Sarah senses the past may still haunt the home. This is a remake of the original Uruguayan film of the same name from 2010.


In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet-or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy…until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green).


Samuel Peters once an ordinary man, dabbles within the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave, he soon encounters the God of malevolence ‘Kalfu’, where he makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth; in return he will become ‘The Zombie King’ and walk the earth for eternity with his departed wife. Seven days before the rise of the Dark Moon, Samuel Peters (The Zombie King) calls upon Kalfu to raise seven of the recently departed, where their souls must be held on earth for seven days.


Hatchet III will continue where Hatchet II left off, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country. Adam Green will not be directing this sequel though. BJ McDonnell, the cameraman who worked on the first two films will be making his directorial debut with Hatchet III. Expect to see Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder back. I actually liked the first Hatchet, but the second one was a little disappointing to say the least.


Whenever I see the words ‘Uwe Boll’ preceding the title of a movie, it doesn’t exactly get me excited. In fact it does pretty much the exact opposite, it makes me never want to see the movie. Ever. Zombie Massacre doesn’t have any sort of detailed plot however I did a little research and found that the directors (Luca Boni & Marco Ristori) have already worked together on another of Boll’s films Eaters. Zombie Massacre is the title of an unreleased Wii game, which is now being pushed for a release on the Wii U around the same time the movie comes out


Despite their reluctance, Richard Marlow takes his wife, Cynthia; their young son, Danny; and his teenage daughter, Sadie to the Pine Barrens for a long weekend of camping and family bonding. As they arrive at the Wharton State Forest, a mutilated deer runs out into the road, nearly colliding with the Marlows’ car. Later that evening, another bloodied animal falls from a tree. Bad turns to worse when, in the middle of the night, a college boy camping nearby disappears into the woods.

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