Assignment GDB Solution: Xtml Introduction


XHTML Validation

With DTD how to Validate XHTML An XHTML document is validated against a Document Type Definition (DTD). A proper DTD must be added as the first line of the file,before validating properly an XHTML file. The Strict DTD includes all non-deprecated elements and attributes or those which donot appear in framesets: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 […]

XHTML Elements

XHTML Elements XHTML documents are text files made up of XHTML elements. XHTML elements are defined using XHTML tags. What Is An XHTML Element An XHTML element indicates structure in an XHTML document and a way of hierarchically arranging content. XHTML elements have both properties attributes and content, according to the appropriate XHTML DTD as […]

Differences Between XHTML And HTML

What makes XHTML different from HTML Tag and attribute names must be in lower-case Elements must be nested properly, no overlapping Non-empty elements must be closed Empty elements must be terminated All attribute values must be quoted Attribute value pairs cannot be shortened <script> and <style> elements Tag and attribute names must be in lower-case […]