Assignment GDB Solution: XHTML


XHTML Summary

XHTML Summary By this tutorial we have learnt to create clean and stricter HTMl pages In this tutorial we have learnt that all XHTML elements must be properly nested, XHTML documents must be well-formed, all the tag names should be in written in lowercase, and that all XHTML elements must be closed. We have also […]


XHTML 7-BIT ASCII Reference While transmitting data over the Web, XHTML uses standard 7-BIT ASCII. 128 different character values are represented using 7-BIT ASCII (0-127). Printable 7-BIT ASCII Characters Result Description Entity Number space   ! exclamation mark ! “ quotation mark " # number sign # $ dollar sign $ % percent sign % […]

XHTML Validation

With DTD how to Validate XHTML An XHTML document is validated against a Document Type Definition (DTD). A proper DTD must be added as the first line of the file,before validating properly an XHTML file. The¬†Strict DTD includes all non-deprecated elements and attributes or those which donot appear in framesets: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 […]