DHTML Summary

DHTML Summary Summary By Combining HTML,a Document Object Model (DOM) , CSS-positioning and JavaScript most people refer to as “DHTML”. One thing DHTML can do is to Repeat the movement several times and you’ll get animation and move content around in the browser window. With JavaScript’s capabilities of continued function calls with specific delays DHTML […]

DHTML Events

DHTML Events An incident which occurs in a particular place during a particular interval of time.   EVENT HANDLING Events are represented by an event object as a member variable of the window object, such as window.event or whether as a parameter to your function Event handlers are Javascript code that are not include inside the <script> […]


DHTML DOM The Document Object Model(DOM) is an Application Programming Interface(API). Essentially, it provides a platform where programming languages can “talk” to HTML and XML documents. Usually the programming language that does the talking by using JavaScript. The Document Object Model is a working standard approved by the W3C that is correctly implemented in most modern […]


CSS is used to style HTML elements such as layering and positioning the content wheather u have to learn another language? DHTML is NOT a scripting language like Javascript, but simply a browser feature, or enhancement,that gives your browser the ability to be dynamic. What really want to learn is not DHTML itself but rather, […]